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In-patient Rooms

As In-patient rooms, there are five types of rooms available:

  1. Four-bedded room with separate beds for each patient
  2. Comfortable and private Standard room
  3. Suite room with a spacious guest room for the attendant
  4. Executive Suite with an extra room attached for the attendant
  5. Royal Suite with an extra room attached for the attendant

Total rooms in number-

  • 4 Four Bedded Rooms
  • 2 Double Room
  • 58 Standard Rooms
  • 3 Suite Rooms
  • 2 Executive Suite Rooms
  • 4 Royal Suite Rooms

In all five types of room, there are built-in Oxygen and suction outlets. There is an emergency nurse call bell at the top of every patient bed as well as in every toilet. As special services, there is a 32” LCD TV, Refrigerator, Telephone, Function Chair and other necessary items in every room.

As catering services, our hospital provides three meals a day for every patient from Feel Witoriya Restaurant. Moreover, our hospital especially provides meals for one attendant and one patient in Executive Suite and Royal Suite Rooms. Last but not least, our hospital provides a comfortable atmosphere like home.