Total Knee/Hip Replacement Package


Total Knee/Hip Packages

•    Unilateral Knee Package
•    Unilateral Hip Package
•    Bilateral Knee Package
•    Bilateral Hip Package
•    Unilateral Bipolar Package
•    Bilateral Bipolar Package

Items included in Total Knee/ Hip Replacement Package of VICTORIA Hospital

Before Operation

•    Required blood tests for operation
•    ECG, Echocardiogram for examination of heart
•    Chest X ray, Knee or hip X ray, Ultrasound
•    3 Units of whole blood in reserve for transfusion if needed

During Operation

•    High standard operation theater service
•    Required drugs and surgical instruments for the operation
•    Post operative recovery room service, immediately after operation

During Operation

•    Keeping the patient in ICU for 24 hours to ensure a safe recovery.
•    Providing health card services in Standard Room for 11 nights and 12 days.
•    Providing patient with 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner
•    Recheck X-ray of Knee/ Hip which has been operated
•    Drugs and originally included in the package as directed by orthopaedic surgeon before and after operation.
•    Required Physiotherapy Exercises for 16 times so that patient will be able to perform normal actions after the operation.

Expenses not included in Total Knee/ Hip Replacement Package of VICTORIA Hospital

•    Operation charges fees of orthopaedic surgeon and anaesthetist are not included in the package services

•    Patients who bought package services are not allowed to stay in 4 bedded room. By staying in Standard Rooms, patients will have privacy without disturbances and also prevention from infection

•    Extra charges, incurred if the patient wishes to stay rooms with highs daily rates.

•    Extra room charges if the patient stays more days than the number of days mentioned in the package

•    Charges for  food stuff ordered by the patient and his family attendant as they wish to

•    Extra charges for patient who had underlying diseases

•    Extra charges for treatment of heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, haemophilia and other additional charges for uncommon medical complications and conditions which are not included in the package services

Implants produced by Corentec Implant Company

•    Quality and sterility of implants with cent percent guarantee

•    Specially designed

•    High quality with reasonable prices

•    Utilized by Myanmar Orthopaedic surgeons in a large number with operations good results and with no untoward effects

•    Applying MAO (Micro Arc Oxidation) which is the most advanced technology in Asia, so that implant joins together with the bone quickly with less pain

•    Applying Plasma Sprayed TI Coating technology so that implant join together with the bone more strongly