Labour Package

Package TypeDurationNormal Price
LSCS Labour Package 4 Nights 5 Days 829,000 ks
LSCS Labour Package 5 Nights 6 Days 996,000 ks

Inclusive Items in the Victoria Labor Package

  • Patient room charges as stated in the package.
  • Regular room charges for the use of the labor room or the Operation room.
  • 24 Hour Comprehensive Medical care for both the Mother and the Newborn Baby Provided by the On-Duty Doctors and Nursing Staff of Victoria Hospital.
  • Blood and other investigation charges as stated in the package for mother and child
  • Autoclaved Baby Dress One Set Charges for newborn child
  • The cost of three meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) for the patient by Victoria hospital.
  • Hearing test and first time hepatitis B vaccination for newborn baby.
  • Complimentary gifts for the Newborn Baby by Victoria Hospital.
  • Victoria Hospital framed family photo and CD for the family.
  • Laundry Service Charges.

Exclusive Items in the Victoria Labor Package

  • Consultation fees incurred for the services of the Specialists chosen by the Patient herself.
  • Consulting fees to be incurred on the day of Delivery payable to the Obstetrician(s) / Pediatrician(s) / Anesthesiologist(s).
  • Other Medical expenses incurred for any abnormal/special medical conditions or problems which may be suffered by the Mother and /or the Newborn Baby.
  • Expenses which will be incurred should the need for the Transfusion of Blood or Blood Products arise.
  • Medical expenses for those with underlying diseases.
  • All expenses if the Hospital stay is extended more than that stated in the package.
  • The cost of any food or beverages ordered and consumed by the Patient’s Attendants and Visitors.
  • The cost of telephone phone bills used by the Patient’s room.
  • Charges for Special Nurses hired by the Patient and/or her attendants for round the clock care of the Newborn Baby.